I Need Your Help 
Needed Heavy lift copter
The crisis in my Country, requires a lot of custom flying drones.
Classic quadcopters not so good.
require the charge. low flight. high cost. 
We decided to change the design.
I combine the energy content of gasoline, the efficiency of the classic helicopter, easy driving
and autopilot quadrocopter . 
I need funds for R&D, Make, tools .
So I launched a campaign on Indiegogo
please help. 
I am ready to answer any questions.
I also prepared the design of the electric motor for the quadcopter without magnets with saving of all parameters and low cost . ( from 2000W - 8000W ) to create a hybrid Heavy Lift Copter (Variable pitch and fixed)
Thank You So Much 
sorry, my bad language, working on it )

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I have a crazy idea from a long time, it´s posible to make a drone like yours but where the gas motor produce the lift and a pair of brushless motors do the control system, in this case is only necesary control the RPMs of the gas motor with a servo and the electric motors with a drone like system, the principle of an helicopter with fixed rotor.

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