Vario Benzin Trainer project

Bench testing of flight controls...everything seems to be ok.

just some details on firmware (AC3.2rc14):

- added the fourth servo and changed the control laws to fit a 4 points swashplate layout;

- added extra servo for engine throttle control mix...not sure it will work fine (i have made some tests only on a little .30 helicopter in stabilize and acro mode);

StatorGator and Futaba GV1 fitted as a good and reliable backup solution, even if expensive and unfortunately hard to find in these days.

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  • Hello Ferruccio,

    Have you some news of your AC firmware update for Vario Benzine Trainer (H4 cyclic servos) and if it could be use on the new 4GMetry III with Pixhawk or other Platform, please ..?

    I'm building a Benzine Trainer with a power generator Inside and long range tanks with a DJI Naza H in first time, and more later a bigger maned and unmanned heli with a DJI Ace One..

    If you want more détails, email me..

    • Hi Jean Marie, I have my own firmware currently running good (main features are of course the 4th servo on swashplate, working both on H4 or H4X (better solution), throttle curve (slightly different from the AC3.3, and roll compensation), but I don't think it will be ever put on the official stream. I strongly recommend to be very careful at using those DJI's stuff (As Robert recommends as well).

      Particular attention should be taken in vibration damping, even in the case you want to proceed with DJI (the manual doesn't tell the user how to manage with vibrations in a safe way), since you could face "nice" surprises if proper damping action is not taken. I'm speaking about both NAZA H (which is not recommended at all for nitro/gasser use, even if, I know, youtube is full of videos of T-rex 700 nitro with that thing installed) and Ace One.

      Last, but not least :-) , would you be comfy in flying a real helicopter with no proper redundancy at all on the flight control board (or sensors at least)? I have seen some projects based on a two board redundancy, but I still don't understand how they can call it "redundant" with just two boards, I mean, if one fails, how could the second one take over the controls and datas considered reliable without a third "monitor" board? So I would advise to wait a bit before trying to put these boards on a manned could become a deadly "game" ;-) .

      • # Robert, thanks for AC 3.3, i had aborted as is AC for this project since a long time, but now i can finish it.

        I know for the two DJI but it was only for tests.

        # Ferruccio, how i could have your firmware, may be Robert can make a special gasser version, i don't know.

        In fact my one seat real size heli is ready to fly today with three power redundancy, 8 ToneGawa Seiko's servos,, 4 high speed for cyclic, 2 for gas and 2 for anti-torque..

        Bell Helicopter has tested and approved by the FAA the 'Fly by Wire" on his Bell 525 with his Joystick Comands and 3 computers together in full time..

        The Benzine Trainer will be used for studies and tests the redundancy on three Platforms development and i'm searching the best way to have a perfect relialibility and not a "deadly game"

        La vie est belle..! ;-)...Under a rotor....

        • Ok, I have no problems on sharing (just the firmware file you can upload onto your board). Just make sure you make a proper vibration damping pad, whatever board/number of servos you'll use. The benzin is a lawn mower :-).

          Life is beatiful under those blades, yes! 

          • 3702855705?profile=originalNice vidéo!...but with another Platform, not AC.. FPV streaming or record on camera SD Card..?

            For the vibration damping pad i use an old Sony Discman damping support with a new upper plate, it's perfect for me..

            Yes the benzine is also a good jackhammer..

            For the full size heli i'll use 6 channels servos, 4 for cyclic, 1 (2 servos in //) for gas, idem for antitorque.

            How i'll can download or you send me your file with yours pids, please.?

            • is that the vibration damping stuff?

              • This plate damper is not for the Benzine, only for the full size heli.

                With another full size drone builder, we've asking to Silvio from Voltarobots to work on the project to associate 3 or more Pixhawk with his upgraded 4Gmetry module to have a full redundant autopilot. This plate damper is for 3 Pixhawk..

                This is a complex but marvel project..!

    • Jean-Marie, gas engine support is now in the mainstream code base, available with the Arducopter 3.3.  The 4-servo swash plate support is not yet.  It could be done if there was demand.

      Personally, I'd advise against using the AceOne and NazaH.  Both of these are nearing end of life, development is stagnant and DJI has been slowing removing support for them.

  • Videos look awesome. Loiter looks great. I also have a benzin trainer(w flybar) Was considering installing a second-hand wookong h, but would love to use a pixhawk and apm instead. Cheeky question: Do you plan to make available your code changes, and/or tips on how best to mount the p'hawk to minimize vibrations? Would be lovely no have an open source (and more versatile) alternative to the dji option!
  • Hi guys, the project has come to a good point. Still tuning pids a bit but i'm quite happy so far. I made a footage of RTL function. I have performed some waypoint/spline missions but didnt have time to make a video.

    I have uploaded a 5 point throttle curve on this bird but not tested yet (I just tried it on my Trex700 and seems to be working good). So next step remove GV1 and see how it goes.

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