Hi everyone,

I have a question about a problem I'm having that maybe someone here can help me with.  Two things are happening and I am not sure they are related.

I am using the newish Pixhawk mini directly from 3DR, so it isn't one of the clones.  It is on a fixed wing aircraft, specifically the Walrus from Hobbyking.  I am using the T14SG transmitter with an R2008SB receiver.  I am using QGroundControl for my ground station running on windows.

The first problem I am having is when I try to calibrate using the radio tab on QGroundControl.  I click calibrate and go through the steps.  During the calibration, the screen shows each of the control channels moving correctly and recording the max and min values.  But, once it finishes, the flight controller will make some noises a couple times, then an error will show up on QGroundControl that says "Vehicle Does Not Respond To Command: Calibration."  But, all of my control surfaces work, except for elevator, which brings me to my next problem.

I don't know if this is related to the last problem, but here is what is happening.  After I arm the aircraft, all the control surfaces move except elevator.  To try and figure out why this is happening, I tested the servo using it's own receiver and battery and it does work.  So, it's not a bad servo.  The next thing I looked at is the pitch control on the radio tab of QGroundControl.  This says it is picking up a signal from the transmitter, so it isn't something with the pixhawk, unless problem one is interfering with this.  I think the only other thing it could be is the servo breakout rail that powers all the servos.  When I plug the elevator servo into this rail, it does twitch, so I think it is delivering power.  But it must not be delivering signal.  I couldn't visibly see anything wrong with this servo breakout rail.  But maybe someone here can figure something out.

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