Vibration Problem with gimbal on dji s900

Some days I struggle to get rid of these damn vibrations from videos but to no avail, the problem that I can not understand that vibrations are not jello ..... the room and nex5r a gimbal and a dys 3 axis all mounted on a dji s900, I would never have expected such a result poop: oops: in comparison with the old f550 gopro was a gem, also because as seen in the photos and the gimbal' attached to its support original should then be on the two tubes holder gimbal frame.
I also tried to put the clamps but nothing changes
the video
any ideas?

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  • Hello

    I have two s900 and I can tell you the vibration on these are very bad I have tracked it down to the vibration coming down the arms so its back to basics of balancing all the props and checking the rubber dampers under the motors.

  • The controller is 8 bit not 32
    • Sorry, the auto tune I was referring to was on the newest release for the 32-bit board. I'm not sure if it's available for the 8-bit board or not.

  • No I have never tried the auto tune, how do I activate it?
    thanks for reply!
  • That looks like it could be caused by the gimbal twitching. I'd say your D value is a bit high on pitch and I'd try lowering the I values by .1. 

    Have you tried the auto tuning on the alexmos software? Mine didn't work out too well when I tried to auto tune but I do think yours could be improved with a bit of tuning. I would expect perfect results with your gear and setup. Very nice rig. 

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