(Futaba data cable accessory required)
Note: With optional Futaba data cable, the head tracker can work with
higher end Futaba radios that support selective student channel mixing.
- Connect Data cable and turn on radio.
- Enter TRAINER menu and assign desired head tracking channels
to FUNC (must be set on FUNC). Default is CH 5//6.
- Individual servo direction can be set in REVERSE menu (reverse
not available for 7C users, must reverse direction in HT menu).
- Servo center point can be adjusted in Futaba servo off set menu
(or use HT menu #7 to set servo center offset).
When connecting via the Futaba cable, the headset battery pack is not
needed as the radio will supply power to the headset through the cable.

 "I can not get any of these things listed above to work" Trainer is on and no luck-also it says TX will power the goggles but "NO", was thinking it was my radio but plug it into my pc and trainer plug is working properly. EEERRRRRGGGG!! I am getting very frustrated after 3 days of no help from HK or Fat shark?? 

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Hi Douglas,

I was wondering if you got it working cause I have a 6ex and would like to buy the new FatShark Attitude SD Witch I assume work the same that the Dominator HT.

In your post you talk about the TX powering the goggles, but I think you should try to power the googles normally (with your Lipo).

In my searches for a person who got FatShark HeadTrakers working with a Futaba 6ex I found this from HK : http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=11848

Don't know if it could help....


No, I actually gave up on it the next day. It does however work with the turnigy 9x radio with no problems.I'm sure it is something simple....who know as Fat Shark has the worst customer service next to WooKong that I have ever seen. I have notice several problems with the fat sharks and since been designing my own fpv setup that will be coming to market soon. I should give it one more try tho.


It seems that using this device from hobbyking like this it is possible to inject head tracker into the PPM signal of the 6ex. so with a 8ch receiver we could have all we need.

maybe...They already got me for the goggles, FALSE CLAIM and no tech support...even the instructions were misprinted/ informing on channel changing..it say's, hold down and release and wait...NO, hold down and wait. Fact is there on vacation with all of our $$.

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