I'm looking to read and learn more about how video transmission works for UAVs. I'm specifically interested in learning more about the types of protocols that are used to transmit video over radio to a base station.

Is there any information you guys can provide me? Also I know nothing about wireless video transmission, so if what I'm saying doesn't make sense please let me know. Essentially I want to learn more about how video transmission works and if there are different types of transmission methods.


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Now the transmitter COFDM is good enough to meet our demands for your UAV...
we tested in UAV long range of transmission with good fluency quality more than 8Km.

There are two types of vidoe, ananalog and digital. Right now digital is just stating to be used *HD video), while analog has been the standard. The problem with analog is the resolution, but it has some good qualities for FPV. The picture gets fuzzier as signal degrades, while HD video just goes black.

Most HD video us H.264 protocol. And some form of wifi right now.

we're developing H.265 also...

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