Video Transmitter Connector Cable

I recently purchased this video transmitter and am trying to figure out what type of connector is between the transmitter and its input pigtail. 


Does anyone know what this is and where I can buy some with wire leads?


I want to adapt it to my rc rig without all of the extra weight of the existing pigtail.  I know I can cut it and solder on a new connector (I was thinking Deans mini 4 pin) but I prefer to leave the stock connector on it so I can use the original pigtail with other systems occasionally and for easier replacement if the time ever comes.


Your help and suggestions are greatly appreciated, as I am sure you can tell I am new to FPV and UAV.


(Big thanks to everyone who posts on these forums, it is a wealth of knowledge and I greatly appreciate it and this site.)



photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

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  • I finally found it.

    It is made by JST and their part number is B4B-PH-K-S(LF)(SN).

    I got it from Digi-Key and their part number is 455-1706-ND and they were like $0.18 each.


    Purchased here.


    Just in case anyone else out there wants them too.

  • p.s. take a look at the attached pictures for a close up view.
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