Hello to all. This is my first post ever, on any forum. Forgive me if I screw this up. I recently finished an S1000 with a Zenmuse GH4 and iosd. I started with Lightbridge but that was way to difficult if not impossible to use. I switched to a 5.8ghz tx rx diversity setup from DSLR Pros. Video works great now. I am using the A2 flight controller for my receiver and a Futaba receiver for gimbal control. Everything is now working.

A friend of mine is building a new home and wanted me to get some during construction shots. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to get some practice filming. I have flown the copter prior to this day for almost an hour to test each batteries flight time. The gimbal and camera were mounted but I didn't have my fpv equipment yet. It flew perfect. I typicall fly in atti mode to try to cut down on the possibility of fly-aways. on this particular day I did calibrate my compass, I like to have the backup of gps without depending on it. as soon as I lifted off I noticed it was drifting a bit. GPS seemed to never really lock on all the way. I switched to atti mode and started shooting. It flew ok but a couple of times it got a bit twitchy. I just thought it was me. I put the 3rd pack in and at lift off it seemed like all of the inputs from my radio reversed. Not perfectly reversed just very unpredictable. It also seemed like all movements of the copter were more aggresive than typical. I barely got it landed(and I mean barely). I am using 600mw 5.8ghz tx. 

I'm not new to multirotors. I have built several from non kits. I am however, new to this level of multirotor. I understand the basics, but I am far from understanding the science of it all. Does anyone have any ideas? any help would surely be appreciated.

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