Anyone able to get VisualMicro and the arduino 0.22 relaxpatch working with each other?  I can compile ACM 2.2b2 in arduino, but I can't get it to work in VisualMicro.  I'm betting it is a compiler option for arduino that is not getting set, but I can't seem to find the problem.





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This probably helps you - it tells you the compiler option you need to add:

visual micro uses the arduino.exe which I believe has the --reflex option already compiled in it.  I'll dig along those lines, but I'm not seeing anything offhand.  I did make sure that I was pointing to the correct arduino.exe in visual micro.




Hi Mike,

I will look at this over the weekend, vm doesn't use the arduino.exe for compile but does use the avr tools provided with the arduino ide.

Questions and support for Visual Micro are handled via its own forum I mention this because I stumbled on this message by accident and do not monitor the diyd forums or blogs.

Please join the visual micro forum by emailing info [at] with a user name, display name and email address


Oh well that was easy :) Please try v26


RickP thanks for saving me some looking!

v26 did the trick!!!  I was running v24.  Someone else must have run into the same problem since Tuesday!


Thanks again!  Now I can do a proper project search and type less using intellisense!  ;-)



great. i added the mod and uploaded 26 just before my last reply, don't forget the forum if you have any other issues

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