Voltage disappears from Mission Planner when armed?

I'm just finishing the build of my 3DR Y6, all stock.  Everything seems to be working great... all calibrations were successful, all channels mapped correctyl and flight modes set. But voltage doesn't seem to be working correctly.

When I first plug in the battery, Mission Planner displays voltage correctly.  But when I arm the Y6, the voltage drops to 0.0.  I can spin up the motors all I want but there is still no voltage.  When I disarm, the voltage is still missing.  The only way to display it again is to unplug and reconnect the battery.

Is this a normal behavior?  Makes me worry about low-voltage warnings not functioning correctly.

(I'm running all current firmware on the APM 2.6 and just installed the most recent Mission Planner update.  Using a 3DR telemetry radio.)

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  • All better!  In the initial setup of Mission Planner I missed the 3DR power module portion.  Now it's working like a charm.

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