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First of all sorry for my bad english.. I have 10000mah multistar lipo and Attopilot 180A. I am connecting lipo to hexa, Mission planner batery monitor divider 15v. Is ıt correct.. APM forum say 10.1 for pixhawk. I can manuel change to 10.1 but pixhawk buzzer warnings and Battey voltage changes automotic on battery monitor.   What is the problem. Thanks




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  • Thanks for reply. First, I manualy measured lipo voltage (24.8) then I connected lipo to hexa attopilot and I opened mission planner batery monitör via telemetry. I have select other sensor and wrote 24,8 on measured battery voltage. I select voltage divider . I changed 15v to 10,1. Buzzer alarmed and measured voltage automotic change low value. Again I changed 15v divider, it is normaly. Buzzer stop and measured voltage 24v. I dont understand. What happened.
    • If you are setting the voltage manually then the voltage divider will automatically update. You dont need to change it back to 10.1. My understanding is that you EITHER change the voltage manually OR the Voltage Divider Manually. Changing both is not the correct approach because they are both directly related.

      But again - let someone else confirm this too.

  • I believe that if the voltage indicated in mission planner is incorrect then you need to adjust that value manually such that the voltage in mission planner matches the actual voltage measured by an external device (multimeter).

    I don't think there is any standard number that will work for all. Depending on the current / voltage sensor used the value may differ.

    Atleast thats what I have understood... But Im no expert.

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