Walkera G-3D Gimbal + SimpleBGC Alexmos 32bit controller

Hi there, 

this is my first Blog post here. I am writing this because i was not able to find a lot on how to add an alexmos controller to the Walkera G-3D Gimbal (other than there is a mysterious guy called "Mat Kimm" who sells "tuned" Walkera Gimbals - which is nothing more then adding a Alexmos controller to a walkera Gimbal. 

The good thing about the Walkera gimbal is that it has a potentiometer to find "middle" - something you can  hardly find in this gimbalclass. the other good thing is, that the motors / mechanics are pretty good too. 

BUT the controller is just horrible! Its worse than anything i have seen in a proprietary gimbal...

So my Idea was to add a 32bit Alexmos Controller to the Gimbal, to get rid of the bad Walkera Controller. 

And this is what i have done:

Starting of with the Gimbal itselfe as it ships: 

The Alexmos 32Bit Controller:

Now get rid of the old sensor:

and file down one of the new Sensorboards, that it nicely fits into the metalcase for the old sensor (yes it will fit perfectly) - but make sure not to scratch any of the circuits...!!!

And put it back together - it almost looks like the original ;)

Now unscrew the Potentiometer from the top of the y axis, and unsolder the 3 cables. Then get some new cable with a std. jr-connector (to be able to connect the potentiometer to the Alexmos board)

Then with the new cables put it back into place, also solder new connectors to the motorcables. It does not matter how you connect the 3 motor cables, you can reverse the Motors software wise later on...!

And then you are basically ready to go! 

and here are the settings i use for the Gimbal right now. 

The Whole copter i am using the gimbal with has the following specs:

Multistar 3525 650KV Motors, 12x4,7 carbon Prop

4S 5000mAh Battery (also powering the Gimbal!)

Pixhawk with 3.2.1 Firmware

Since i have 16.8V Battery the Settings for the gimbal are pretty high:

You can find the Profile i am using here: Click!

And finally a testflight with the Gimbal and the settings: 


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Thank You for this info. Can you provide more info about used controler and sensorboard? Where they can be bought? Is this the correct set?  https://www.basecamelectronics.com/simplebgc32bit/

nice detailed setup thanks....i am working on the same thing...you could have used the sensor IMU that came with Walkera, its same MPU6050 as wat comes with the AM board...I am using it for mine and works fine....

are you using a frame IMU?  also I dont see how are you using the potentiometer, i am using as analog on ADC port...but its not working right....

Great article. Planning on doing the same. There are some images missing in the article, can you fix this?

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