Integrated LiPo battery compartment for ArduCopter platform

I'm learning as I go - as most of us are - with the ArduCopter platform and am looking for a supplier who offers LiPo battery hard cases that 'click' into a module on our frame to provide power to the PDB (power distribution board), instead of our current implementation of velcroing in batteries and having exposed XT60/4mm bullet connector/T-connectors, etc. between the battery and PDB.

The benefit of doing this includes:

  • battery swap in seconds
  • more reliable battery connections
  • moving low-battery alarms and indicators to permanent positions (if using the balance port)
  • the ability to swap batteries without affecting COG

We've long been used to consumer devices that lock into place, model boats and cars seem to be using female 4mm bullet connectors as an offering in this space, and have noticed that DJI's Vision range encase their LiPo 5200mAh batteries in a 'smart case' that uses the above 'click-style' locking system, I am not looking for a DJI fix, just a cleaner solution to velcro harnesses.

Thoughts, suggestions, where to go from here?

I'm moving to Hamburg in a months time and hope to have some time to raise this with the experts there in 3D printing/CNC/all things electonic through the local hackspace resource. Perhaps  Thanks for your time :)

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After more reading I see that there are LiPo hardcase packs (HK link) which match my model boat/car mention above, they use standard female 5mm bullet connectors for power and 2mm for balance ports (2mm or 3mm?) which is half the work towards my goal, now for a module that the hard case and terminals can 'click' into and remain secure.

Will do some scribbling and have some fun in Hamburg :)

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