Waypoint following quadcopter using Arduino.

I am interested in making a quadcopter that will follow Lat/Long, hold altitude and follow me.

I am using an Arduino, MPU 6050 for flight controller with multiwii arduino code. I also recently purchased a GPS Neo-M8N. I am at a point where I can successfully get the position coordinates, but don't know how to use it to direct my quadcopter.

Can u kindly provide me details on how to construct a quadcopter that will:

1. follow set of user provided Lat/Long input and return to the starting point.

2. return to starting point when lack of battery power is detected.

3. follow me.

thanks for your help. I have been reading a lot, but have never received clear answers for my requirements. 

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it seems it is a brand new concept for this forum. No one has a clue.

I will post a reply when I receive one from other Drone forums. until then cheers ; )

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