Waypoints & Ch7/8

So I was just messing around with the APM:rover on a small buggy, and I was having quite a lot of fun using the set waypoints on the fly feature.

I'd really like to do this on my quad as well. I've got Ch7 and Ch8 working on my TX and they're going over 1800 pwn value. I've set Ch7 to the "Save WP" option, and Ch8 to "Reset Auto Mission" (Which I'm hoping is to clear the current WP's, but I can't find any documentation on it at all)

The problem, neither of these seem to do anything. If I set some WP's in mission planner, then flick the clear switch, read them back into MP, they're still there. I also try flipping the Ch7 switch and it's not creating any waypoints. What's going on?


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  • Just an update, seems like I've managed to get it saving waypoints using the switch, maybe I didn't give it enough time for a good GPS fix (was testing on the ground). However still not sure how I can clear the mission from my TX?

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