I wasn't sure where to go with this question, so I'll try here.  Do all posts now require approval before they can be seen?  If so, what happened to cause this change?


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Well, I can answer my own question as this posted immediately.  Wonder why a post to a certain blog topic was put on hold pending approval.

Blog posts are moderated. Blog posts are published on the front page. Moderators are asked to ensure that blog entries meet the site guidelines. As far as I know, the blog has been moderated since at least December 2010, and I believe it goes back much farther than than.


The Ning platform introduces some artificial limits on how moderators, volunteer users just like you, can interact with posters. In particular, unless you have accepted a "friendship" with those moderators, they can only send a very space-limited message to you once. Should you have any questions or concerns, it is best to accept the friendship request and speak with them, I think you will find that any issues can be worked out very quickly. 


Your participation and sharing are the invaluable contributions that keep this site and community vibrant and alive, and are greatly valued by all your fellow members.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the reply.  What's odd is that my responses to blog posts on the front page have, and continue to be, immediate.  However, I posted a question to a new blog post and it was blocked, which never happened before.  It's been over an hour, and the post has still not gone public.  My concern at the time was that if that was a global change to DIY Drones, it would put a significant chill on conversation.  In any case, it appears to be just that one blog.  Maybe the poster set something that requires any responses to be checked.

Thanks again,

Oh, ok, I think I understand better. Blog posts include settings, created by the author, that control comment posting. Unlike blog posts themselves, I do not believe the site moderators even see these, that is, I believe they are raised to the original author for review, and are not alerted or visible to the general groups of volunteer moderators. As such, you may be waiting on a single person rather than a group of volunteers. 


Most blog comments, based entirely on what option the blog author has set, do not get this moderation. 


Or at least that is my impression. 

That's correct. What that means is the author of the post Paul is commenting has chosen to hold the comments for approval. We normally discourage that, since it confuses people as it did you, but it's the author's prerogative. (In most cases authors selected that option by mistake)

Thanks guys.  It was so unusual it caught me off guard.  I appreciate the responses.


On a slightly related note. I created a new blog entry, but only saved it as a draft as I hadn't finished writing it.

How come it got approved and put on the front page? Surely this shouldn't even be possible?



Colin: that's a Ning issue, I'm afraid. It's supposed to hide draft posts but sometimes doesn't. The Moderators can't tell the difference. 

Ahh, okay. Thanks Chris, that's handy to know. I'll do drafts offline now :-)

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