I'm trying to get the ArduPilot Mega running but I've got this weird IMU output:

What I've done

- uploaded the ArduPilotMega Beta 1.0 firmware

- switched the protocol to GCS_PROTOCOL_IMU
- modified the protocol so that it shows Euler angles only
- didn't touch APM + IMU and opened the serial monitor

My questions
- Shouldn't the values for roll, pitch and yaw bet 0 at startup?
- Why are roll, pitch and yaw jumping (IMU stationary)?
- What else can I do to test the IMU?

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Did you do the CLI tests (including IMU) as instructed in the manual?
Yes I did. When I turn the APM + IMU on the A LED is green. When I run the test the A LED is out. I have no RC equipment or GPS hooked to the APM. The test looks like this:

That data looks fine. It looks like you were moving the board a little bit during the test, as you are supposed to.

LEDs are not meaningful during the test.
No, I'm not moving the board during the test. The values are jumping with the IMU sitting on the desk.
Check your soldering connections. All those boards are checked before they leave the factory and pass all the IMU tests then.
My own soldering connections are looking good.
And this problem shows up with the stock (unmodified) code, too?

If you've checked everything, are using USB power with no RC attached, and it's still showing weird results, you can contact the store to get a RMA. They can check it out and determine if the error lies with the board or the soldering. If it's the board, they'll fix/replace and return. If it's the soldering, I'm afraid that they will not attempt to repair it and will simply return it to you.

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