Weird GPS/ video issue


I really need some help. I just recently got my FPV stuff and put it on my bird. Anyway, as soon as I turn on the video transmitter the GPS goes dead. If I turn the transmitter off and reset the system GPS comes back full strength. I have searched the site, but no one that I saw has the same problem.

If someone could help the would be great!


APM 2.5

Ublox lea6m with the mod.

2w video transmitter 5.8ghz

Hex frame with GPS on one side and video transmitter on the other.

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  • Yes, 2000mW is 2 watts. 1mW = 0.001 W.

    Regarding the overload of the GPS receiver by the FPV transmitter, even the best receivers made will overload (sensitivity reduces) when a nearby transmitter goes on the air. The GPS receiver has to receive a very weak satellite signal, which means the receiver has to be very sensitive to do so. High sensitivity means even out-of-band signals have the potential to overload the receiver unless it has very good receiver front end filtering, which I doubt the GPS receivers have.

    As already stated by a previous poster, use as much antenna to antenna separation as possible. Since vertical separation is much better than horizontal, try to put the GPS unit up high (since it is looking at the sky) and place the FPV antenna down low, under the aircraft if at all possible. The absolute best isolation would be achieved with the transmit antenna directly underneath the receive antenna with as much vertical distance between the two as possible. An aluminum (conductive) mounting plate underneath the GPS would help even more.


  • Two Watts?  What fpv transmitter puts out two watts?  If correct, then that is your problem.  Separate your antennas as far as possible or reduce the fpv power level.

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