what are the differences between 'radios'

hello,  everytime I talk with 'professional', or 'uber experienced' hobbyist about my models and controllers and radio setup, I ALWAYS here a comment or two about my radio...

I have the turnigy 9xr PRO radio...I have never had any other brand... I bought it for the price, and reading sevearl discussions about it on other forums... *(which seem to indicate that the radio is 'better then just ok)

currently, I have my model in a local shop to try to get the pid's dialed in better and to add fpv and the techie really wanted me to switch to a spektrum radio, claiming it was easier, better, longer range... but when I asked a couple questions and got no real answer, I said no... as I didnt want to spend another $200-300 for something that seems to already work...

he really didnt seem to have any experience with my radio... but claimed the spektrum is easier... I am not sure how anyone can claim something is easier when they never tried my radio..

from what I can tell, the JR module system allows me to use different 'frequency'/brands of tx/rx as long as it plugs into the module location..

can anyone answer specifically what other frequency/brands I can be used in my 9xr pro radio? i.e. is there a spektrum type of reciever that can be used in my radio setup?

as far as I can tell the differences include that the 9xr pro has 24 channel capacity, but, getting the sbus to work with naza has been a problem as the radio doesnt have a d16 mode... if I want d16 functions/ability, it has to be done at the 'module level'...and not really in the menu system of the radio itself, (not sure that makes sense?)

before I ramble too much more.. can anyone help me or point me to a resource



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    • thanks for the reply. I understand the analogy of cars, and I guess since I haven't got a limit on the Turnigy I dint know. I was just hoping someone could tell or describe an example of a limit that the Turnigy can't handle
  • Hey 


    That should give you a pretty good idea of what you options are. 

    • hey, thanks for the reply.  i just saw that video today.. and that does answer a couple questions.. (which I think I knew before and forgot, and hopefully wont this time around).

      but, the remaining questions are why is there such a difference in price point and brand loyalty?

      why would anyone spend several hundred dollars more to do the same thing...

      I could understand if someone needed/wanted more then one 3position switch.. or to have slider switches on the sides or something specific that one brand has that another brand doesnt.

      and the guy at the store/shop where my quads are at, isnt really the type to want to sell me something just to make a buck.  he knows i have been loyal to him and have bought a good amount from him and will continue to do so...so, I doubt that he would rock the boat to try to make $20 off the sale of a radio...

      anyways...I think another 'difference' that I am dealing with is the D16 mode that frsky uses on the 16 channel sbus setup on the x8r reciever...

      the binding procedures need me to set my radio to d16 mode, but the radio does not have that in any setup screen.

      so far, I can not get the frsky x8r frsky to work with sbus on the naza lite.. but not sure if that is the specific problem or not.

      • Can I ask what you're trying to get out of the SBUS setup? FrSky is very easy to set up in CPPM mode, and the Naza M Lite supports it.

      • In general, higher priced transmitters have higher quality switches and gimbals (the stick's mechanism). They also have more advanced features. 

        Before writing pages on this, rather look at this video where I think it's explained quite well. 


        If you have the Taranis you have everything you need and don't need to buy anything else. If I had a Taranis and a 9XR Pro, I'll give the 9XR to my son and only fly with the Taranis. And If you have a Taranis, you surely don't need a Spectrum. 

        • I've had spektrum dx6i, dx7s and dx8. The 6 and 7 were great radios that did the job, they are easy to setup regarding dual rates, expos etc but the 8 was a dog. Twice it just stopped sending pwm signals, defaulting to 1500 which resulted in 2 nasty crashes.

          I've now switched to a taranis, yes it is a bit trickier setting up everything even with the companion software BUT it is a much more confidence inspiring radio and given it has dx9 features for nearly 1/3 the price it's a no brainer.  

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