hi, i have a apm2 (fw 2,9,1)on a turnigy hal frame, ntm3530 motors with graupner e-props 11x5 and 2 3s 3300 mah lipo.

my problem is that the quad keep going forward a little fast (when i do not touch the sticks) and accelerating if i do not compensate. I've tried to add some trim but doesnt help. 

i've done the calibration in mission planner, calibrated the esc (f30a reflashed) checked the aligment of the motors but there is always this tendency to move forward! what can i check also? maybe the apm is not parallel to the propellers plane? 

a big thanks to enyone will help...


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No one could help..?

Try moving your center of gravity back a little bit? Slide the battery back one notch at a time maybe?

And / or  look for possible vibration pollution, a constant vibration can trick the sensors.

So i see your posting and interested in the APM....Judging by your previous threads you seemed very dis-satisfied with the APM and with 3DR in general...but here you are 1 MONTH later, participating in posts....

Are you confused??

Please do not contaminate the post. 

Just making a point

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