Had an interesting event happen the other day.  While flying in auto on a mapping mission, the copter (an s900, pixhawk, AC3.2.1) did some unanticipated roll movements during a turn at a way point.  It proceeded straight along the flight plan as planned, and then started wobbling again (20 deg of roll or so).  I switched to loiter and the copter stabilized level, BUT proceeded to descend (quite rapidly) until it hit the ground.  While it was coming down, I pushed the throttle full up, but nothing happened.  If I had the presence of mind, I would have tried manual, but didn't get to it.  Broke a few parts, but the damage wasn't bad. I've reviewed the log a bunch, but can' t nail what caused the issue.

The auto analysis points to problems with the mag field, but I received no warnings. 

Any insights?


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Your motor number 3 maxed out and it couldn't keep the altitude or attitude.

Probably wiring or esc problem.

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