What happens if use Li-Po battery at max c-rating???

Hi there, 

 I was wondering what would happen if we operate the Li-Po battery at max c-rating?

I was operating a quad-plane VTOL in RTL mode and realized there was scenario that the drone was operating almost at the peak c-rating of the Li-Po battery (i.e. current draw about 100A) and then plunge down to 0 A. Is this a consequence of operating at max c-rating? if not, do you guys know what's the effect of it?Current%20Draw-Time%20Curve.jpg

Current Draw-Time Curve.jpg

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  • it may short its life cycle 

  • you kill your battery life time, and you make a risque to burn all and say goodbye at your drone! (What do you expect?)

  • Diven is correct, but more important is the following,

    As amperage increases under load the voltage drops.  Called voltage lag.  This drop in voltage increases as your actual amperage approaches the C rating for your battery.  When the voltage lag causes the "battery voltage under load" to drop below your fail safe battery voltage, hopefully, your craft will land or return to launch.  When you land and you have no load, the voltage lag will go away and the voltage will show much higher than when the load was applied.

    If you maintain the current draw to around 50% of the battery's C rating your voltage lag should be minimal.  

    Also important, If you use your battery near its max current it will likely get good and hot and that will cause early failure.  If your not so lucky it may catch on fire.

  • If you use Lipo battery at max c-rating, the battery's power will lose fast. From this Lipo battery guide, we can know what's the mean of the parameter on the Lipo battery.

    If you have a 1000mAh 100C lipo battery, you use this battery at 1C,  you can use about 1 hour,

    if you use this battery at 100C, you  can only use about 6 seconds.

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