What is LED B on the IMU/Oil Pan used to indicate?

During initialization and runtime, LED B is not lit. It never flashes.I am bench testing the GPS and Wireless Telem. I do not have all servos hooked up.The doc doesn't say what the individual LED's mean, only that B should flash then go on solid.Thanks. Preston.

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  • Hmmmm This concerns me. I am running 1.0 and it never goes on, not even dimmly (I turned the lights off to double check). From your replies, it isn't monitoring anything specific, just used as a Blinkenlichten. I wonder if it is any good.

    I'll have to research the pin and see if I can turn it on at all.

  • Developer

    The LED behaviour varies with the firmware you are running. 


    If you are running APM 1.0 then LED B should flash with the other 2 during ground start.  After ground start completes it should go solid indicating the IMU has been calibrated.

  • Distributor

    Not sure what the LED means but is it not flashing while it calibrates? it can be dim when next to the others flashing.





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