I would love to know what you think the best (ground) controller is.

I currently have a Taranis D9 (not plus), and it is great, though I am not 100% confident as I had a couple of DJI flyaways/crashes while using it -  which could have been nothing to do with the controller.

My Solo controller is flawless, and I was easily able to put an extended antenna on it (unlike the D9), but that is obviously just for the Solo.

I am starting to build a Naza based Hexacopter, and want to know the best (especially most reliable) controller.  If you think that's the D9, please tell me.  I know some people think the Futaba is better, but I don't know. Is anything else out there that's better (as long as it's S bus)?

What do you think?

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  • Saw that this came out yesterday (Dec 31st).  Seems a lot of people are excited about it:

  • Developer

    You can do this mod to the Taranis to put alternative antenna on it http://boltrc.com/blog/taranis-antenna-upgrade/

    (There are YouTube videos of the mod as well)

    If your aircraft flys away, its the autopilot not being configured to handle signal loss correctly. It should enter failsafe and return home or land.

    The Taranis is a great radio.

    Taranis Antenna Upgrade (Part 1) | boltrc.com
    • That upgrade looks like a good option. Thanks for the tip.

    • Thanks.  I've had phantoms fly away even when there was no signal loss, and once when I had partial control.  I always carefully test to make sure the RTH works.  I'm 98% sure it was a Phantom issue, and DJI, to their credit, gave me a 50% credit for the drone only both times (one was a crash, one a fly-away). What I think happens with the DJIs, is their brain gets confused as to where home is.

      Have you seen the FrSky Horus?  Looks very interesting:


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