What is the difference between a consumer drone and an industrial drone?

The difference between consumer drones and industrial drones? It is easiest to distinguish the two from the equipment they carry. In general, the most popular consumer drones are cameras, cameras, and other shooting equipment. According to the need, it will be equipped with a gimbal and image transmission station.


Industrial drones are usually equipped with a variety of professional detection equipment, such as thermal infrared cameras, hyperspectral cameras, lidars, atmospheric detectors, etc., according to the needs of the industry. However, many industrial drones also have optical cameras. Therefore, the two cannot be completely distinguished only by the equipment on which they are mounted.


Performance and quality: Industrial drones have better qualities than consumer drones. For example, they are more resistant to wind, last longer, have better anti-interference, have more functions, and are more malleable.


Application areas: Consumer drones are mostly used for personal entertainment and photography creation and low-cost film and television creation and television station use, while industrial drones can be used for cargo transportation, professional film and television shooting, terrain surveying, field search, rescue, military use There are also special tasks, such as the use of drones for tagging of high-voltage power towers recently built on the Northwest Plateau, and Shenzhen traffic police also use industrial drones for mobile monitoring.


Marketing model: Consumer drones are generally sold in fixed models, and industrial drones need to be customized according to demand. Taking the DJI Jingwei series as an example, some models of Jingwei can carry multiple models of multiple functions cameras, and even Can be used on multiple cameras, such as thermal imaging cameras, large zoom cameras, etc. Consumer drones range in price from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan, while industrial drones cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

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