• Hi Vernon

    I am using 9 Digital high torque servos on this plane and I do not want the APM to control all those servos and supply current to them at the same time. So, I am splitting the signal wire from the servos power wires. All this is no problem for me.

    I was however a little concerned that the 1A might be too little if everything is running.

    Thanks for the help.


  • I am using the 1.4 board. I would like to supply the board via a powerbox installed in the Plane via the receiver output for said powerbox. However the powerbox regulator is only good for 1A on the receiver outputs. All other Powerbox outputs are delivering +- 6.5V.

    I am not convinced that 1A is sufficient for the APM especially when telemetry, compass and airspeed are connected.

  • 5 Volts and ONLY 5 volts.

    Warning: Do not exceed 6.0V DC of power supply input voltage or you will damage your board.

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