What is the minimum laptop requirement with which I can fully utilize Mission Planner?

I don't really need one to do much else, since I have a pretty powerful desktop. Just need it for field use for adjusting stuff, so small and medium ruggedness are good. Guess I don't need a removable-disk drive. I am trying not to get sucked into the better quality computer gear that would have a much wider range of utility, I'll wait until my desktop is toast-ish for that. I don't think I can "buy and try" around here, not since I'd have to install software to know. Thanks for any insight (what to be wary of?, I'm on the wrong track?) or recs.

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I used it on a couple year old, $150 netbook.  I think it was an N450 processor.  Really low end.  No problems running MP, but I didn't try feeding video in, I'm not sure it could do that.

It doesn't take much.

I use a netbook also and it is fine. One thing you may want to consider is getting one with an 11.6" screen, which will typically have a 1366x768 display rather than the 10.1" with 1024x600. I got one of these (11.6") with a low end processor so it was cheap, and I really appreciate the extra display area.

Ah, so a cheapie netbook would work then. Thanks for that. It is tough to not look at the fancier stuff when it's sitting right beside the lonely (these days) netbooks. Especially with those Ultrabooks with Retina-like full HD displays...look a little delicate and way too nice to "throw" in the toolbox.

I have been considering a model of a certain netbook [This one, but not necessarily from this place] for a few weeks (it keeps getting cheaper...) and got totally distracted yesterday by all the nicer/newer stuff that's trickling in. So back to the plan then. I also didn't think it would handle a simultaneous real-time video feed, but that's waaay down the line for me.

I'll aim for the best display I can get under 13" in a netbook. I am a bit concerned with visibility in the sun, the displays seem awfully shiny in the cheapies. For instance, my iPod Touch (my only basement computer for quick web access now lol) is not at all good in the sun. And a usable Windows 7 version.

P.S. Now that I've decided, nobody has that model around here anymore. Plenty a few days ago...snoozed and losed.

About your real-time video feed, down the road... this product may be useful (but video goggles sure look nice to have, if your eyewear can fit and you can focus adequately). Surprisingly good display quality (just don't expect the full plasma HD experience).

I haven't even looked into video feed info yet. But I've noticed in videos that many people seem to use a separate display/goggles for it. Good idea with the small separate display though, I have some I could probably use. I doubt the goggles will ever work well for me, I seem to prefer flying (and watching movies/TV...) with glasses as opposed to contacts. Even 3D glasses are a pain. No way I could focus (wearing any eye correction) with goggle display. I guess with FPV I wouldn't need eye correction...better up my insurance for that!

Oh yeah, I did pick up a laptop instead of that netbook. Same price but theoretically a better processor/display/battery and a DVD drive too. But so large (and >2X the weight of what I wanted) it won't fit in my toolbox or laptop case. I'd rather have the small "lesser" unit, so I won't open the larger one's box JIC the small ones come back in stock.

I have the same situation with my eyesight. Having read some cautionary comments about USB cables/connections coming loose (or otherwise to avoid using a joystick), I am carefully experimenting with a combination of 3DR transceivers, a video transmitter/receiver combo (see photo) feeding live video to a portable TV, and a simulator "RC-like" controller as the "joystick" connected to my ultrabook. There are so many points of failure in a quadrotor system (especially the operator...). Time and a few crashes will provide more data points...


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