What is the most stable?

Just a quick one:


What is the most stable platform for photo and video?? Clasic heli, or quad/octo-copter??


Several rotors might even out vibrations from the individual rotors, but also enhance them??


450 and the smaller copters are basicly a thousand parts vibrating in formation... How large should I go to get stable HD video? Is 500 size enough? (have an unbuildt hk 500 in the closet...)


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  • De var fri for quad, så det ble en hexa i stedet :)

    • ArduCopter HEXA 3DR Frame + Motors Kit
      • Motor 850 Kv
      • Prop 12x45 EEp
    • Hexa 3DR Sonar Mount
    • Propeller set, 12X45 EPP Style, 2 par
    • APM 2.0 Purple Full Kit Assembled - MediaTek MT3329 10Hz - HMC5883L 3 Axis Magnetometer

    Jeg mangler sonaren. De var fri for den kraftigste. De skal funke til 10 meter etter hva jeg skjønner. Xbee telemetry kit skal på plass etter hvert. Så slipper man å rote med USB, samt at man kan oppdattere mission i flight :)

    Jeg har futabaen (TX+RX) og lipo lader. Jeg mangler vel bare batteri da?? Modererte meg litt med reservedeler bare :)

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    A 500 should work, but 600 is considered the 'standard'. A classic helicopter in the 600 size is more stable in combination with a AHRS system, and handles wind better since it uses constant RPM and variable pitch blades. But if you have vibrations, finding out witch part is making the vibrations can be very hard and costly. Another problem is repair cost. Even the smallest crash becomes serious because of all the kinetic energy in the blades.

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