What motor brand to use

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a high performance frame that is able to lift around 4-5 lbs. I have looked at the Tarot 650 and Tarot 680. But other than these two carbon fiber frames are there another type of frame someone may be able to recommend me. Also, as I look up for the motors and ESCs, there are many brands. There may be one brand better than other one, so can anyone also recommend me a good brand name of motors and ESC.

I am Pixhawk as my flight controller.

By the way, would I have any compatibility issues if I use DJI Naza motors?

Thanks for any recommendations provided to my questions.


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  • Motors:

    If you can afford them for 2200 - 4000AUW I use KDE 2814 motors with a 6S battery and 12-14" Props.  

    a bit cheaper option is to use foxtech brand 6s motors. 

    The AFRO brand ESC's are the best from my experience. I've used plush, multistar, trust, and afro brands. Afro are the cheapest cost wise while delivering the best performance. 

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