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Got my APM loitering fine but was hoping to get the radius a bit smaller. At the moment I havent changed a thing on the loiter PIDs so havent a clue where to start. It flys perfectly balanced as I have adjusted the PIDs for that side of things but just need a little help with this side. at the moment on a calm day I am getting drift of up to 10m each way.

Grateful for any help 


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  • HI Darren,

    Don't know if you have seen these 


    But in there are a few statements like 

    1. The “Loiter Angular Rate Control PID” P value calculates angle required for speed needed.
    a. If your Quad wanders around too far in Loiter mode increase the “Loiter Angular Rate P”
    setting above the default “2.4” (Try “2.5”). (KK X525 = 2.4)

    Hope that helps a bit.


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