• Waterproofing could be done.  Use a Goretex valve on the case which allows air exchange but blocks water:

  • Brad, if you had a problem where the cyclic servos were operating in the right direction, but the collective was backwards, the problem is probably the radio output for collective needs to be reversed.  It seems to be backwards, especially if you're using a Futaba radio.  I think Futaba outputs this channel backwards as standard for some reason.  IIRC, I have mine reversed in the radio.

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    Sorry to hear about your servos,

    You may want to try Blue Arrow digital servos from HK they have survived many cycles of abuse from APM software loading. I have standard size D50011MG on cyclic and D50012MG for rudder, also have mid size D26013MG as Pan Tilt for camera.

    HK-600 would a good upgrade for you. It will fly smoother as its mass helps with stability.

    I usually turn of UBEC to Servos when I load new software to stop wild swings, but when I forget these servos have taken a few second abuse before I turn off their power. Usually only Channel One swings wild.

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    Brad I would wait a week or so and let Malcom, Robert and Randy sort out the I2C freeze problems.

    They are very close to a good solid release, 

    I added Remzibi OSD integration to code base. It works well  and fits on 1280 for Quads, but requires  2650 for Traditional Heli and Planes.

    What APM mega  do you have 1 or 2?

    If APM 1, 1280  or 2650 uP

    Heli requires a 2650.

    Are you using a PC or Mac to load APM software?

  • 3D Robotics

    Just follow the manual. The Mission Planner will load the correct code for you. 

  • forgot to mention this is for APM mega

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