I've been using MP for some time and familiar with connection issues behind the firewall. I have new issue  that will not let me connect to the aircraft. Originally I thought is was the Solo updates but now believe it is a issue on my laptop. I can connect to the Solo network but will not connect to the Solo even at lower baud rate using UDP. My desktop connect right way. Both firewalls are disabled and on the Solo network.

I've uninstalled MP 3 times and now questioning to reinstall a driver but which one and where is it installed on the PC

Any other suggestions  please


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  • UPDATE. It's a Mission Planner issue. Everything works on other machines but not my laptop. I also have this issue when I try to Export to geo tagger. I though something was messing up in the logs however the same tlog will output on another machine.


    How do a do a clean install or correct this issue?


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