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I have an extra Arduino Mega (2560), and have been wanting to continue (reboot) the work that had previously been done on the ArduStation Mega.  I have a 2.8" color touchscreen that I am going to use for the screen instead of all of the buttons and the blue monochrome screen from the old version.  I am curious - what would you guys include??  I'll do the whole project as a design / build / blog.  So tell me what you think; call it crowd-sourcing.  XBee is an obvious requirement, but I use 9XTend modems, so it will likely be dual ported to handle either.  What about Bluetooth?  PWM outputs for controlling an antenna? GPS? Tactile buttons? RGB Indicator LEDs? SD Card? Onboard battery and charging?  What kind of case should I use- Or should I just throw caution to the wind and pile it ALL in??

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  • Would be a great use for a 1280 too...

    Soon the code for flight will be too big for it, so why not reuse/recycle an older APM to be a nice GS Display/AntTraker solution.

    Awhile back I had ported a bit of code from HK's Ardutracker to run on the APM and worked good. I had also ported some of the old Ardustation (sans display) code to connect to HK's GCS and run the ant tracking servos too; but would like to see the touch screen instead of buttons.

    Also how about a localized GPS input working in conjunction with the transient GPS for an antenna tracking solution based on a mobile base station.

    As well as potential solution for a (home facing tracking antenna) for the transient to utilize to track the antenna towards the base station, for high data rates and or hd video streams.


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