What X8 options are out there?

After watching this and especially at 11:44 where they say that X8 configurations are more stable in high winds, I would like to ask the more experienced drones in this forum: Why is this? What is the principle behind it?

At the moment I have an MK Okto XL made using a kit and when it is carrying my Canon EOS600D the shaking is quite bad with winds over 10 mph.

I have used plastic strips to make my frame more rigid. These are attached to the bottom of the motors connecting them with each other. This has brought some improvement but as I am planning to add a parallel lipo, I think that would push my frame to its limits.

Hence I'm trying to see what my options are and I'm leaning towards an X8 solution(highly influenced by the video above).

The basic options are:

Custom made frame: Would take a lot of time and refining - cheapest.

Customized commercial frame: Save some time by buying a quad frame and fitting motors on the bottom of each rigger.

Frame kit: the fastest but costlier solution. strangely I haven't come across any X8 ones

Or maybe I should focus on the gimbal and propellers instead of the frame to eliminate vibration(I'm using the basic MK HiSight SLR2 and EPP1245CF propellers).

Any ideas, advice or info on X8 configurations would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Cinestar have an X8 model, so do Kopterworx and Sky-Hero
  • I'm currently working on a modified HK HAL quad converted to X8 duty.

    For better or worse who knows, so far it seems to be okay.  

    Posting semi regular updates and photos on my Twitter acct. https://twitter.com/Multicopter_NZ  

    It would be flying but I'm having trouble getting my DX8s RX to talk nice and civilized with the APM2.5+

    Flying Fox (@Multicopter_NZ) | Twitter
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