I'm using the latest (1.1.18) version of Mission Planner with X-plane.  I reflashed my APM1280 with the latest version (can't remember what it picked!) and all seems to be configured correctly, but I'm missing something!

I can fly the aircraft manually - i.e. the radio inputs are delivering a corresponding output into X-plane, and Mission Planner is reporting the correct IMU data from X-plane under Plane IMU but when I switch to an auto mode - stabilise, FBW-A etc, nothing happens.  It took me a while to realise that APM is using the data from the Oilpan, which seeing as it's sitting on my desk, is close to precisely zero as inputs!  Once I picked it up and began wiggling it, I could make the aircraft in X-plane move with it! :)

Why is it doing this?  I haven't downloaded the latest source code, which I normally did, configuring HIL mode manually, so I've no idea how APM knows it should be in HI-mode - i.e: using HIL data for its control.

Any ideas?

It's frustrating since I've had this thing working well on earlier versions!

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  • Hi criro, 

    I got the same issue .

    Did you managed to find a solution ?


  • pardon me whilst I read ALL of the instructions! - The GREEN airplane has disappeared on the new Mission Planner version! :)

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