I've been working on getting Ardupilot 2.6 working. I've never had any other Ardupilot load running on this particular board.


One strange thing I've found is that when I switch to any auto mode (RTL, AUTO, etc.) it seemed like the aircraft was capturing the waypoint immediately.


Some troubleshooting, and when my ArduPilot prints launch parameters, it says that wp_radius is 255. Tracing through the code, it sets wp_radius to 15 meters during the initial declarations, but then the wp_radius gets set by the restore_EEPROM function to the value at memory location 0x0B.


I looked at the waypoints_writer_25.pde, and it doesn't write anything to 0x0B. As far as I can search to the ArduPilot code it isn't writing to address 0x0B.


How was it intended for waypoint radius to get into the EEPROM? I am wondering if this datapoint was removed from the code at some point, and the fact that most people were using legacy Ardupilot boards meant that they already had the waypoint radius stored in the EEPROM.


Did I miss something?




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    I'll add a default value here. Thanks,
  • Hey Tom,

    ATMega address locations are filled with 0xFF by default. This is why that value occurs though you have not written any data.

    I think the waypoint radius value is usually supplied by the ConfigTool and written as you update waypoint data.
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