Where is elevon 'Mixing_Gain'???

I have been trying to set up my new wing with an Ardupilot running Arduplane 2.73.

There is this new 'ELEVON_OUTPUT' that actually works fairly well for setup, but I cannot get enough throw out of the servos. I tried to drive the signals furthers with my radio (calibrate the ardupilot with elev/ail at 100%, then turn them up to 120%) but that wont make the servos go any further.

The manual online:

It says there is a 'MIXING_GAIN' which allows you to turn up the servo throw. But I have looked all over the parameter lists and cannot find this parameter anywhere. Can someone help me? I am so tired of running into problems with the ardupilot and am very ready to sell it unless I can fix this.

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  • I think this was solved by the release of 2.74 about 20 minutes ago...


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Aug 25