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Is there a link that has full documentation on the Mission Planner? Things like what do all those lines represent that point from my airplane and quad when I play back a mission. What’s the .rlog file? Why do I sometimes get waypoints during mission playback and sometimes not. The more I use it the more questions I have.I guess I am looking for the Dummies/Beginners guide to using the Mission Planner..

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  • We definitely haven't got all of the dross out of this WordPress Endeavor, but it really seems like it's got the right stuff for us to do what we need and to do it well.

    Tridge's ability to add a few magic Python Scripts and PlugIns plus WoirdPress's own PlugIns really make this thing awfully powerful.

    We need a site where 3DR the Company and we the Public can communicate and educate each other and this is rapidly being forged into and excellent site for just that.

    The question really isn't which system we should use.

    At this point, it's really much more a matter of how do we make it work best for all interested parties and with WordPress we have the basic scope to make that an attainable feat.

    Google was limited, this is much less limited.

    I'd make an APM / PX4 comparison, but that might not be popular.

    Oops - Just did!

    I will be adding a "common page" for editor education for new and future editors with lots of information.

  • I know a few people are working very hard on this problem and seem to be making progress. Here's an idea which I think is the best way to get people's questions answered accurately by knowledgeable people in the community: we need a diydrones StackExchange site (or, better, a general UAV StackExchange). You might think that suggesting yet another web framework is a silly thing to do, since we've been through Ning, Google Code, Google Groups, and Wordpress.

    However, it's not the framework so much as the paradigm I'm promoting. A StackExchange-style format provides three very important things:

    - A way to identify the correct answer to a question. On this ning site (diydrones.com), that's impossible. Most threads are too long to read all of the answers, and there's no way to even know if the question has been answered or not. Discussion groups are a little better since you aren't hindered by the few replies per page limit, not much better.

    - A reward system to provide incentives for people with answers to spend their time providing them.

    - Automatic determination of who is trusted enough to have a moderator type role. Having 3DR determine this manually is a political and practical problem.

    Without those two things, we can keep switching platforms forever but won't solve the actual problem.

  • Hi everybody, I am currently chief bottle washer in the (non-aligned) documentation department.

    Not because I want to be, but because, additional volunteers to do actual editing are really hard to come by.

    First: there are the new site(s):

    APM:Copter Here: http://copter.ardupilot.com/

    APM:Plane Here: http://plane.ardupilot.com/

    And APM:Rover Here: http://rover.ardupilot.com/

    There is an editors forum Here: http://diydrones.com/group/manual-editors where you can leave a note and get signed up to be an editor.

    And there is a batch of tips for editors on how to edit in WordPress for the (Manuals) here: http://ardupilot.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2&sid=aea36d...

    It is very reasonable to have 3DR/DIYDrones manage who has editorial access for liability reasons if nothing else.

    And the WordPress site is challenging enough to need people who have reasonable editing qualifications using it.

    That said, they have a very open policy and if you are interested in contributing to it and have a willingness to learn what is necessary to do so they are more than happy to hook you up.

    I am not affiliated with 3DR and would really like more people to get in there and contribute.

    Right now we are in the process of transferring the old Google wiki to the new WordPress Manual and there are still a few broken links as well as the fact that we are currently undergoing massive improvements in methods and capabilities.

    That said, the new wiki is already much more current than the old wiki and even with the moving and growing problems that is where you should look for the best and most current information.

    That is MY opinion of course and since I did much of the work getting it in there and editing it; I might be prejudiced.

    One final bit of advice -> -> Use the "REFERENCE MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS" in the upper right of each page to get around.

    The TOCs have everything in them, the Drop Down Menus DO NOT!)

  • This is still a serious problem. What's the current site one should use for documentation?  Is it the new APM copter site, or the Google code wiki?  There are broken links and incomplete information on both, and no links from one to the other that specify which should be used.

    It's extremely confusing.

  • After over a year with this project, I share the OP's frustration. Lots of the best information is on this forum, and It's really hard to find. I have spent hours clicking "back" chasing information that clearly was mentioned earlier in a forum comment thread. The worst are the "new release" threads, which are chock full of information and often a hundred comment pages long. Very hard to figure out if someone is experiencing your problem. On the other hand, I think the wiki is good documentation-- it is definitely enough to get you flying a multicopter.

    A "search comments within this thread" function on the site would solve this problem for now.

    So, now for the reason I got to this page. What on earth is a bloody .rlog !?

  • Phil, wow, it looks like the DX7 just cannot do a throttle curve in Acro mode?!

    Generally, I think the wiki recommends using Acro mode instead of Heli because it is simpler for most users.  If you are not an Intermediate or Advanced RC user, it can be confusing to try and use a Heli mode to fly AC.  This is made worse by the fact that many Multi-rotor fliers have never flown a helicopter, and thus they are even more confused when they put their Tx in Heli mode.  But it can be done, I've done it.

    I think we really need to build a Throttle Expo function into Arducopter for just this reason.  But in the meantime, if you're up to it, you should try setting up a Heli profile in your DX7 to gain benefit of the throttle curve.  I can't give you a step by step as I don't know your Tx system, but here's a few tips.

    1. The Heli profile must MUST MUST be set up as an "H1" swashplate.  That means NO CCPM swash servo mixing.  I just looked at your manual, and they call it "1 Servo".

    2. On Futaba, and a few others, you have to cross servo wires, because the Tx defaults to sending the outputs on channels that Arducopter does not expect.  This part is tricky.  Unfortunately, the DX7 manual does a terrible job of explaining this.  But I THINK, you need to use Ch2, 3, and 6.  On mine it's Ch1, 2 and 6.  I don't know what the DX7 does with Ch1 in Heli mode, that's just weird.

    Anyway, I think you need to put Tx2 to APM1, Tx3 to APM2, and Tx6 to APM3.  You'll have to play around with that a bit to get it right.  Basically, you need to look in the APM radio configuration screens, and make sure the correct functions are moving with the correct stick movement.  Channel 4 should go to 4, as that's Rudder, and should be straight forward.

    If you figure this out, can you please let me know so I can add it to the wiki?  Send me a PM.

    3. Once you have that working right, then you will use the PITCH curve to adjust your "throttle" in APM.  Do not use the Throttle Curve in the radio.  In this case, your throttle output from the Tx will be useless to you.  I have my ESC on my helicopter plugged into the throttle curve, obviously.  But you don't have need for that channel with a Multi.  So now you actually only have 6 channels to work with, unfortunately.  Still enough to fly a Multi, you'll get your modes on Ch5, but you'll have to choose between the last channel being used for Ch6 tuning, or Ch7 functions.

    Confused yet?  Yeah, that's why we don't recommend it. ;)

  • A while ago we initiated a similar initiative; www.dronepedia.com, however it never really got of the ground. It was intended to be a bit broader than only APM, and mission planner; but they should definitely be featured. 

    Maybe a good moment to re-try. It's open for everyone to edit, and was intended to be an up to date knowledge base for AP enthusiasts. Zach Bayne is the one who set it all up. A link to the original initiative is here.

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