Where is the dominant market for drone applications?


According to the Science and Technology Daily, "Agriculture will definitely become the dominant market for the UAV industry. More than 80% of precision agriculture depends on drones." At the 7th China Forestry Academic Conference, which ended on the 10th, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Professor Cao Fuliang from Nanjing Forestry University pointed out that the application of drones will solve the three major pain problems of China's “three rural issues”: precision agriculture, labor shortage, and intensive operations.


The agricultural development of mankind has experienced the first revolution represented by plant breeding, and the second revolution represented by animal and plant genetic modification. At present, agriculture is entering the digital age, which is the third green revolution represented by the widespread application of agricultural digital technology.


The characteristic of smart agriculture is “information knowledge + intelligent equipment”, and the traditional agriculture corresponding to it is “land + machinery”. Drones are the typical representatives of intelligent equipment that has emerged in recent years.


Academician Cao Fuliang believes that the essence of UAV development in the future is the airborne mobile agent driven by the network environment, which integrates intelligent perception, intelligent cognition, and intelligent action, towards measurement and control network, flight digitization, and intelligent tasks. The direction of development will definitely have an important impact on military and economic and social development.


At present, drones have begun operations in plant protection, planting, pollination, production estimation, farmland protection (soil quality), and river pollution monitoring.

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