The latest version of Mission Planner version 1.3.17 Terminal connects fine to my new pixhawk, but the "setup" menu contains:


and the "test" menu contains:

but no "motors" test.  So how can I test each individual motor to make sure I've wired them up correctly?  All the docs talk about "motor direction" testing which is fine to do all at once, but I also need to test each individual motor the way the old "motors" test did. 

Can someone tell me how to add that back to the terminal?  Or better still, can someone add it to the new mission planner "wizard" as a step right after radio and esc calibration?

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Since mission planner just forwards the terminal from the firmware, I'm guessing the pixhawk firmware decided to remove the test for some weird reason.  Can someone put it back - it is the most useful test there is, I wouldn't dare fly a newly constructed hexacopter without running this test...

I just used it yesterday, but it was in Setup, not CLI.
The Tricopter has a bug where the 3rd motor test actually moves the tail servo.

are you using pixhawk, if so, which version of the firmware?

Looks like Randy Mackay removed it, not sure why...

Never mind, I just found the new motor test under ">> Optional Hardware" in Mission Planner...

Wasn't the most obvious place to look, they should make this an essential test in the handy new wizard to make it more visible (especially for folks who are building their own kits).

Hey Chris, what numeric motor order does each motor test motor line up with, dos motor A = Motor 1 and so forth?

In this case it is clockwise

So on Y6B they should fire 1,2,3,4,5,6? around the frame?

mine are all different, so maybe my pixfalcon outputs wires are not working in sequence? is that heard of?

Or mor elike 1,3,5,2,4,6?

got big issues with my uav so trying to start form this point.

appreciate the help

did you find the y6 order in mission planer? 

Yeah I was ony6 a didn't sre b option at bottom.all good now

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