Where is the PX4?

Now 3DR has cornered the manufacturing market for the majority of open source autopilots, I was wondering when it get its act together and actually build some.  

Might be a smart move to build stuff to sell stuff to pay back that €30M+interest investment. Would have thought that would be part of the business plan but who am I to judge.  I am the customer, what do I know...

The cynical part of me is thinking that the PX4 is not as valuable as APM to 3DR so they are focusing on APM manufacturing.  Shame on me for attributing to malice what can be explained by incompetence.

Maybe HobbyKing can copy PX4 to improve availability.

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  • 3DR Margin on PX4 ~$50

    3DR Iris = $700

    Christmas is coming soon.  My business plan would include iris and exclude PX4.  Mass market wins versus innovation.

  • 1. Who needs PX4, when Pixhawk is the official next step? PX4-based hardware is the future, so I'm not seeing what you're worrying about

    2. 3DR have the market for APM...for now. But are currently overpriced compared to clone offerings, which appear to be as good, for half the price. Apart from my HK clone...which is getting RMA'ed...lol. APM is the previous generation, so being concerned about it's manufacture and 3DR market dominance is a bit moot.

    3. Said it before, and will say it again - 3DR actually do a good product. When they QA it correctly. And they can ship it correctly. Their fulfillment department need some desperate improvements.

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