Where to buy in the bay area?

I'm thinking about buying a little Hubsan X4 HD to play around with as a first quad, I could order off Amazon, but I kinda wanna look around. Anyone recommend an RC shop in the BA?


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  • Hubsan X4 definitely the way to go, I would personally just order off of Amazon, here is a link https://www.amazon.com/Hubsan-X4-H107C-Quadcopter-Exclusive/dp/B00N...

    I have used this distributor before they have great customer service.

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  • the hubsan X4 is the best mini drone out of 10 or more that i own. the blade nano is a number 2.  dont by the husan x4 with fpv if you crash it the camera go out then the first person view is no good. you feel me. i wonted that thing bad an crash it game over. hub hobby shop richfield mn

  • Technically I think they call it L. A. basin. Our Santa Monica Bay, hehe
  • im guessing you are talking about the SF bay area?  I am not sure where you can go.

    I would buy one online from a reputable dealer... save the gas... and save money on the mini mini quad...

    you can buy from 'uav-rc.com'  but they are down here in the 'mid bay area' of Los Angeles...

    or ebay..

    that is a great way to start... they are indestructible  ...  not good for out doors, at least not until you get better.

    when you start getting into the bigger mini quads, then find a local store to be able to get face to face support or better yet, find a local park or group where other multirotor pilots hang out... thats the best... good luck

    • Los Angeles Bay? Really??

      Nah man, SF Bay, sorry for the confusion.

      I shoulda just searched harder, I found a hobby shop up the road in Berkeley (I gotta touch one!). I'm not sold on anything at this point, but they have the Blade 200 QX.

      I'll find something, but if anyone has a shop recommendation around SF/East Bay, even for just checking stuff out, I'm innersted..

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