Where would you install the airspeed sensor on a skyfun

Has anybody experience with the MPXV7002DP airspeed sensor installed on a skyfun?

In the front it is prone to pickup dirt from landings and will be in the way of the cover closing mechanism.

In the Wing it would require extensive modifications.

What do you recommend?  Do you have a similar setup? What works best?

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Thank you, very interesting. My problem was that I assumed the tube needs to stick straight into the flight direction. If I can mount it at an angle that's easy!

I'd recommend installing it directly into the airstream, as far in-front of the fuselage as you can.  The angular installation will cause errors due to blanking when there is some sideslip.

This is the best setup I've seen so far:



As stated before, make sure the tiny holes in the outer tube are well forward of the surface it pokes out of as well. Basically, the more the probe is out by itself, the more accurate it can be. The idea is to measure pressure diferential, and in order to to that, you cannot disturb the static pressure reading (the holes in the outer tube).

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