• Anthony,

    I'm not sure what kind of drone you are talking about.  There are differences based in weight.  It is not as critical for a 2-4 lbs park flyer but it could be an issue for a 300lbs airplane.  Weight, size, operational altitude and speed play an important role when it comes to decide who's rules are you going to be flying under.  Like the other poster said, for a Bixter that may be a non-issue, if you have something larger in mind you may want to look at current FAA guidance at    FAA Order 8130.34A ( ) provide instructions on all you have to do to legally fly an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in the National Airspace.  This is the issue.  Depending on where you live, planes can fly as low as 500 Ft above ground (AGL).  Current AMA and FAA rules limit flight of model aircraft to 400Ft keeping a 100Ft buffer between models and full size aircrafts.  If your intentions are to fly your drone higher than 400Ft in the NAS you need to demonstrate the FAA you airplane is safe for the type of operation intended and such operation would not disrupt or cause harm to full size aircraft operation.  In short, your plane must be "visible" to air-traffic, you must be able to communicate with air-traffic, and you must be able to see and avoid other traffic in the air.  For example class G airspace is also known as uncontrolled airspace more common on the country side where traffic is less dense.  The airspace around major airports are either class B or C and will be near impossible to operate a drone there.  Education is the best tool.  We are breaking new ground and need to keep our members as well inform as possible.  The last thing we need is another "Bubba" in the 6:00 news having a mid-air or causing a terror alert in a major airport.  The atmosphere is tense enough as it is.  Please, please, please, if you don't know or are not sure, stop and ask first.  Call your local AMA capter or you local FAA Flight Standards Office.


    Good luck.

  • park

    park = less than 2lbs and under 60 mph + other rules (safety)


    full membeship

    fpv = (yes ama has rules for fpv) less than 10lbs and under 60mph + other rules (safety)

    among other types of flying......(safety first)


    the word "drone" or "auto"  is'nt even  on thier website


    all rules and regulations here


  • T3

    The AMA actively discourages the flying of "drones" why would you want to join them? If you go to a AMA field and tell them you are going to fly an autonomous system they will probably tell you to go away.


    Go an find a nice quite field away from anything you can damage and enjoy yourself. 

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