Hi to everyone, 

I was trying to search on the internet and I would like to be sure. I want to know which is the IRIS+ firmware uploaded by default .

Looking here:


under ArduCopter software instructions

I think it is the ArduCopter v3.1.

I want to know if that is correct.

Thanks for your time,


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Unless you connect DP2 or MP or equivalent GCS to your quad and the you can verify.

Your Iris+ is shipped with a special firmware unique to the Plus model.  The latest "official" firmware is AC3.1.5...the latest "beta" firmware is 3.2 rc14.  Do NOT update your firmware at this time.  No one is saying exactly HOW your Iris+ firmware differs from the firmware available to all iris owners who bought before the Iris+ was released.  The best guess is that your Iris+ is likely very close to being actually beta 3.2 rc14.  This beta firmware is VERY close to becoming the latest "official" release and will, when that happens, show up as a non-beta firmware with the designation of AC3.2.  This "official" release is expected within a couple of weeks.  I assume, at that time, 3DR will probably let Iris+ owners know if they should or should not update to AC3.2 (the official).  

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