Why are logs empty despite of they are enabled?

I would like to ask if someone can give me advice what I'm doing wrong when APM won't log me anything. In the CLI I first erased all logs and then enabled them by command enable all. After flight (around 15 minutes, GPS and APM had home locked) CLI told me that there are no logs available.

Must be there some event that starts logging? Or in general when the logging starts?

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  • Palo,

    logging should start automatically right after calibration of the gyro and ADC. You can test the logging function out at home, as it should work without a GPS lock. Besides enabling the messages in the CLI, I enabled them also in APM_Config.h explicitly. I also did after a Firmware update an EEPROM reset (in CLI setup/reset) and an erase...

    Good luck,

  • Developer
    Are you using 1.0? 2.0?

    Did you use the erase command first?
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