So my guess as to why we are not allowed to fly drones commercially is because like everything else we would try to do as "Free American Citizens" that is highly regulated, we stand to make $$$ and that threatens the powers that be.

Simple solution, if someone causes damage or disrupts any sort of business, military, federal or state function...they are responsible for said damage/disruption. Fine them THEN, not when they are trying to make a life for themselves or feed their families. When threatened with fines and jail time, good people usually stay away from actions that end in those results.

The options for us as entrepreneurs and explorers are dwindling by the day and here is this new and exciting technology that is about to be taken away from us before we even understand it. Where does it stop from here? Flying cars, teleporting devices, new toasters and microwaves will all be owned and regulated only by the wealthy policy makers. We are talking about the same government that is making it illegal to feed the homeless in cities and taking the religious values that built this country out of everyday life. I am not preaching here..but if you did not notice, this country was built on the concept of being free. Free from religion, banks, monarchies, tyrants, corporations pretty much FREE! Not hard to understand...

Do not stifle the rest of our hopes and dreams and hobbies and FREEDOMS because it threatens the system. I think we can all agree the system is flawed right now anyway. Please do not tell me that is because we have too many freedoms. Go to Russia or Cuba or somewhere away from my beautiful country so we can get back to what made us the USA.

What the FAA and federal government are doing here is flat out wrong. Along with multiple other instances going on in the world right now that are just plain wrong. For the sake of argument I am trying to stay on topic and just express my feelings that I should be allowed to try and create a new business for myself devoid of an oppressive government or federal agency.

I am causing harm or damage by taking a video of my house that a want to sell...give me a break.

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  • We are a nation of laws, that's the long and short of it. 

    The US is the only country in the world where the NAS is "owned" by the citizens. Those citizens have authorized an administrator to regulate that airspace and since there are pre-established rules for operating aircraft for hire the only way to effectively manage the NAS is to apply the same rules to everyone equally. It doesn't matter if you're flying a quadcopter or a 747. Flying for hire is flying for hire. 

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