Large Hex with APM 2.5..  3.0.1...

Lots of time flying... No problems... Very stable... Loiter Perfect after tuning...

Take off, kind of fast... Motor #1 stops in the air... copter spirals down... does not power up

when I apply more power...

I figured motor / ecu fried... whatever...

I download the tlog..   The APM shut down the motor in mid flight... whats up with that..

Am I reading the tlog correctly ?

Eddie Weeks

2013-10-09 23-41-50.tlog

2013-10-10 00-07 32.log

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  • From my understanding, APM only logs *resulting* motor RPM, not the "in" rpm. APM does monitor throttlein vs throttleout (but it does not do this for individual motors), so you can compare what throttle was delivered vs what was asked. Same also for 3 axis of rotation. I stand to be corrected on this one.

    APM also has a minimum motor throttle setting, which should prevent complete motor shutdown.

    If you had an immediate and complete shutdown, you might have a fried ESC or motor or a popped motor-esc connector. Does your motor still spin freely? This is the more common scenario. That's what happened to me; upgraded to 4S from 3S, and one of the ESC's fried (even though it was rated for 4S). It looked like the APM had just shut the motor down, but actually it was the ESC frying itself.

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