With the development of technology, drones are widely used in Civil field, such as police officers, firefighters. And flight time has become one of the key factors to be considered.

X6120 as a mountable flight platform it is commonly used in training and survey. Hereby we tested some models of motors and batteries to provide a reference for user configuration.

Flight Platform model: X6120

X6120 light load flight platform has 1.2m wheelbase, Max match 24inch paddles. Frame weight is about 3kg, which is lighter and more compatible.



Motor set: X6Plus

X6plus is compatible with 12-14S, with single frame takeoff weight of 3.5-5.5kg. The efficiency of X6plus is increased by 8% compared with X6. Under the same working conditions, the stronger thrust , the longer flight time.

Below chart shows the X6 and X6plus load performance parameter, we can see that X6plus performs better when throttle above 50%.


Battery Type: High Energy Density Battery and Semi-solid State Battery

We selected two different materials of batteries, to check their performance.



Test Result

Under the same drone and thrust, the 14S voltage efficiency is higher. The test data of four fully charged batteries at different capacities and voltages are as below:



From the test data, all tested batteries have more than 40min flight time. When using 14S battery, no-load drone reach about 60min , drone with 1kg load ,can flight 54min.

The testing is influenced by environmental factors such as wind power and temperature. Number of battery charges and discharges affect battery performance.  The above data is for reference only, which is not standard parameter. Please choose according to your needs.

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