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i had an accident with my apm quad some months ago. I calibrated the four esc (four at once method) and everything was fine. Unfortunately i had the propellers on it. This was stupid enough (»just let me make that quick change ....«) but i also pushed the throttle stick while i was putting the remote aside (because i expected the copter to be disarmed). I ended up with 4 stiches on my forehead. This was completely my fault because it is written on almost every page: NO PROPELLERS. I am not a friend of making everything safe and forbidden but i think the apm should be disarmed (if possible) when the escs are calibrated. On my APM every time after calibration the copter is armed. Maybe there should be a little hint on the esc calibration page which lets the user know, that the copter will be armed after this. I think this will make some people think twice before they leave the props mounted )


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  • Because if it wasn't armed it will not be able calibrate the esc.

    Also it is good to have throttle passthrough because then you can check that calibration was successful by applying some throttle.

    Maybe the image in the http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/initial-setup/esc-motor/ should be made much bigger?

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